It is often said that stepping through the doors of Katy’s Palace Bar transports you far away, to a place where the exotic meets the old, and otherworldliness is set against the spectacular backdrop of the Sandton skyline. This beautiful open space is perfect for impressive cocktail parties, corporate events, weddings, or more intimate occasions.

As a venue of palatial proportions, Katy’s boasts an eclectic mix of furnishings and décor, fine arts, and artefacts from around the world, providing everything you need to transform your event and transport your guests to another place and time, or to wherever your whims may lead you.


Craft your own traditions within the majestic walls of Katy’s Palace. Here, grand events find their perfect setting. In ages past, palaces stood as bastions of princely delight, where esteemed guests from far and wide were welcomed to feasts, balls, concerts, and ceremonial gatherings.

A palace embodies architectural magnificence, boasting spacious halls, serene courtyards, hidden alcoves, and elegant galleries. Drawing inspiration from the grandeur of India’s palaces and the majestic towers adorning Sandton’s skyline, Katy’s Palace stands as one of Johannesburg’s premier destinations, catering to urban royalty, chic socialites, and aficionados of merriment.

True to tradition, its grand hall and exquisitely adorned guest areas serve as the backdrop for parties, weddings, intimate gatherings, exhibitions, and vibrant markets, perpetuating the legacy of opulence and celebration.

"I’m a massive fan of anything unique and different – and, it doesn’t get much cuter or much quirkier than Katy’s Palace Bar. The only problem with this incredible spot is that it’s not open to the public often enough!"

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