Tropical wedding | Wanro and Lizani


Wanro and Lizani’s happy day was an explosion of tropical foliage with bursts of bright colour. To create their island-style wedding, Katy’s Palace was filled to the brim with lush greenery – from ferns and huge delicious monster plants, to vases filled with leaves in every shape and size. The expansive, light-filled space was the perfect backdrop for a lush urban jungle, with rustic wooden tables and our facebrick walls perfectly offsetting the abundance of fresh flora.

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Bohemian Africa


Colourful and carefree collides with the powerful beauty of Africa.

The Living Room took over our palace and transformed it into an enchanted bohemian space, each setting as mesmerizing as the next, carrying that signature magical element they are known for. [Read more…]

Secret Sunrise | PJ Party Edition


This morning we hit snooze, hit snooze again, and then finally rolled out of bed, put on our slippers and headed to Katy’s Palace a little earlier than usual. Kramerville has never been so packed at 5:45am with fellow Secret Sunrisers kitted out in the best sleepwear and collection of onesies we have ever seen, all geared up and ready for an early morning pajama party. The vibe was electric. Picture 400 people with wireless earphones, dancing their hearts out to a themed/loosely choreographed routine. This is your moment to go a little crazy, let your inner child loose and connect with whoever you happen to meet while “sleep walking”. Take your earphones off for a moment and true to form, it is… silent! (Except for the odd person who can’t help but let out an excited yelp or laugh!)

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