Capturing moments in time at 6 Desmond Street

A picture lasts a lifetime… it’s true. How many times do you open your photo albums and reminisce over moments captured in time? How many pictures lay framed around your home of some of your most memorable moments?

At 6 Desmond street, we offer a photogenic haven for you to capture your most intimate and precious moments.
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A taste sensation


Images courtesy of Fresh Creative Catering

A taste sensation

A wonderful thing happens in your mouth when flavours artfully collide. Your brain’s pleasure signals are set alight. You want more, but you’re simultaneously completely satisfied—That’s what you can expect from our recommended caterers and chefs at Katy’s Palace Bar. [Read more…]

Create an impact with creative lighting

When it comes to indoor events, the possibilities are endless for creative lighting décor.

Whether you’re planning a personal event like a wedding or orchestrating something on a much larger scale like a conference or trade show, no matter the occasion, lighting will always be a crucial element of event décor.

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