Where the Story Begins

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Where the Story Begins

Let us start at the beginning…

Harry Mallard was the youngest son of an English Lord in the 1800s. Lord Mallard’s eldest son inherited the estate and the nobilities of the Mallard family, while the youngest sons were destined to never amount to much in a society that valued hierarchy above all else. After having had enough of England, in true black sheep fashion, Harry set sail for the dark continent of Africa and arrived in Algoa Bay in 1873.

Early on in his travels, Harry met Katy’s sister, Emily. And so, started the tale of Harry and his African adventures, filled with excitement and unforgettable characters. Harry and Emily fell in love and settled in the most enchanting site on the Plettenberg river banks.

Emily’s family was born in Southern Rhodesia and Katy, Emily’s sister, had settled in South Africa during the gold rush and established a very successful and vibrant bar. Katy’s Palace Bar became known for its wild nights and timeless extravagant entertaining; a name perfectly suited for a venue transformable into anyone’s most beautiful fantasies.

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Sir James van der Merwe, hailing originally from the Eastern Cape, incidentally won his title in a poker game. He grew to become one of Katy’s closest friends and confidants; Katy preferred the company of men to women anyway. Sir James was incredibly well loved in the gold fields and loved nothing more than entertaining in his lounge, surrounded by the astonishing treasures of beautiful items collected on his travels around the world.

Sir James van der Merwe’s bar and lounge is a tribute to this lavish lifestyle and decadent enjoyment of the finer things. It was always his wish for it to be a great meeting place which crossed the boundaries of social conformity.

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So, what happened to Emily, you may ask? Have a look at www.emilymoon.co.za and see their love story continue.

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Feel a sense of Katy and Sir James’ adventure brought to life every time you watch the sunset over the Joburg skyline; the perfect backdrop to your perfect do.

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