Rebellion Dinner


We were totally blown away by Slippery Spoon’s pop-up restaurant. The sheer genius of their food-art made our best culinary creativity taste as bland as boiled broccoli. Every course was a unique experience where inspiration was drawn from one of history’s great rebels. And, to top it off DJ Ultra Mel played a soundtrack to match each rebel’s persona.

Marie Anoinette set the tone for the night : an artichoke and black pepper macaroon covered in a Champagne sabayon. Then came Ghandi : an Indian Pale Ale and pumpkin soup served in a beer bottle with homemade goats milk curd and winter greens.

Yolandi Visser was up next, a take on the classic Kaapstad “chip roll and guava juice” : Tempura turmeric potato fondant topped with a tomato fondue, guava oil and stale bread confetti, with a hay smoked poached egg on top. Best of  all, ‘The Yolandi Visser” was served on a take-away polystyrene plate, covered in glad wrap with a price-sticker on the wrapper. (Quirky and cool down to the last detail!)

Next came Harvey Milk in salmon form with eastern coconut milk frothy broth and garnish replicating the gay flag.

Eve, was our favourite : Sour lamb ribs, smoked lamb rib croquettes, with a delightful rose and apple puree and celery and Parmesan salsa on the side.

The last rebel of the evening was Ché Guevara. We were served a cigar chocolate filled with smoked citrus mousse, plated in an ashtray, lined with spiced ash.

We can hardly wait the next Slipper Spoon “Senses Dinner” at Katys on the 16 and 17 July! Slippery Spoon how will you possibly out-do June’s Rebellion Dinner?

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