Katy’s Palace Bar Lookbook

Katy’s Palace Bar Lookbook

Functions with themes and intriguing dress-up requirements almost always turn out to be more fun than the ‘formal-semi-formal-smart-casual’ affairs we attend year after year. Except weddings, of course, where the theme is Happy Ever After.

That Special Touch


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Katy’s Palace Bar is all about enticing the imagination by bringing about fantastical themes bound to excite and delight every guest that enters and attends. We have nine Looks that are all truly trendy, yet somehow effortlessly timeless as well. The creativity and versatility these Looks allow are a big part of the appeal. Once a Look is selected, we will make sure your event turns out exactly the way you’ve pictured it… complete with our Katy’s Palace Bar personal touch, of course.

Let’s tell you a little bit about each look.



An occasion as important and special as a wedding requires considered choices and inspired planning. Keywords associated with this Look are are:

  • Classic
  • Elegant
  • Timeless
  • Soft florals
  • Crisp, clean whites

The rustic simplicity of the venue provides the perfect modern twist to that timeless white wedding feel.

Décor by Otto De Jager Events | www.ODJevents.com



If you’re looking to throw an exciting event, with an edge, we recommend that you consider something minimal, yet magical, such as the Industrial Affair. Keywords:


  • Industrial lines
  • Lack of pretension
  • Form meets function
  • Minimalist visual appeal
  • Stripped back architecture
  • Utilitarian with a touch of class
  • Soft, unadorned lighting
  • Exposed brick work
  • Heavy duty fittings
  • Salvaged objects


The result? A truly intriguing yet inviting space  with an edge.

Décor: Afresh Handcrafted Events | www.AfreshEvent.co.za



Seek and you will find an enchanting garden in the inner city where calm prevails. A cityscape conservatory. Think natural, yet modern; light and lush. Keywords:


  • Natural light
  • Crisp and cool
  • Elegant décor
  • Large glass walls
  • Green sanctuary
  • Touch of the tropics
  • Classical furnishings
  • Rustic with a bud of romance


The ideal choice for laid-back daytime events or early evening soirées.

Décor by Otto De Jager Events | www.ODJevents.com



Choose a blank canvas offered in double volume spaces ready for any event, executed in any form. Interpretation is subjective; here displays and creations can dare to shine and enchant. Exhibit, launch and celebrate your way, night or day. Think larger than life. This fluid look is ideal for:

  • Corporate launches
  • Large events
  • Installations
  • Exhibitions

Dream and it will materialise.

Décor by Otto De Jager Events | www.ODJevents.com



Take your event to the ‘top of the world’. We’ll set the scene on our terrace where you can soak in the views as you settle in for a long, lazy afternoon affair that may just linger on through the night. Picture…

  • A open terrace
  • The setting sun
  • Hanging gardens
  • Sandton skyline
  • City lights

A delicious day of delights… with potential to enter the night.

Décor: Afresh Handcrafted Events | www.AfreshEvent.co.za



Ever wanted to be the VIP at a club or know what it’s like to own your own? This is your opportunity to experience it! Katy’s Palace Bar presents cool Club Nights. What to expect:

  • Fun and sexy
  • Pretentiously hip
  • Provocatively cool
  • Urban night out
  • Great music
  • Chandeliers
  • Cocktails

Your VIP experience.

Décor: Afresh Handcrafted Events | www.AfreshEvent.co.za



Enjoy refreshing beverages as you soak up an expansive view of the night sky from our rustic patio. If you need a break from the main event, steal away for a few moments to one of our secluded sections.

  • Luxurious
  • Comfortable
  • Cosy corners
  • Secluded nooks
  • A sanctuary of calm
  • A distinct African feel

Views, fresh air and the opportunity to unwind in a cosy corner.

Décor: Afresh Handcrafted Events | www.AfreshEvent.co.za



Let go of daily to-dos and linger in the warmth once you’ve settled in by the fire in a secluded part of the palace. The Fireside Stories Look is great for private parties or exclusive events.

  • Blazing fires
  • A touch of the exoitc
  • Intimate atmosphere
  • Warm and comfortable
  • Gold and copper tones
  • Luxurious furnishings
  • Low lighting

Décor: Hire Society | www.hiresociety.co.za


The head of the table is calling your name! This is the Look for large scale dinner celebrations. Let the banquet begin!


  • Crisp linen
  • Local décor
  • African artefacts
  • A feast for the eyes
  • Contrasting textures
  • Urban Africa meets African plains

Décor: Hire Society | www.hiresociety.co.za


Whichever look you choose, or if you would like to incorporate a custom theme, a professional will take care of everything, with the help of our trusted suppliers.

If you’d like to book Katy’s Palace Bar or Sir James van der Merwe for any function, please get in touch.

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Email     info@katyspalacebar.co.za

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