Friday the 13th

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Friday the 13th

Do you think Friday the 13th is a reason to celebrate? We did! Katy’s had a chance to bring out the black and entice everyone’s inner ghoul. A splendid and sophisticated blend of American Horror Story, Jason Voorhees and Día de los Muertos; there was something to delight and inspire all horror movie fanatics with a love of the macabre.

Attendees went all out; all forms of stylish attire and paraphernalia were dug out from the far reaches of one’s closet. And for those who missed that little bit “extra”, AfrodizzyActs Entertainment Agency were there to embellish your face to reflect your character. The event was sponsored by Espolòn tequila, and a private birthday bash booked on the mezzanine added to the ambiance.

Most importantly, the party saw an all-star line-up where fans could boogie the night away with the unique Brazillian bass sounds of Ebb & Mayo, BeatArmy, South African DJ/producer Mark Stent, funky house DJ Ricardo Da Costa, and someone who needs no introduction from his 5fm show; Kyle Cassim.

The end result – a wickedly delightful gathering! Friday the 13th proved that one never wants to miss out on any of Katy’s or Sir James’ funky and freaky events. Better yet, you’ll always be left with a fun reminder of your time with us, as most of our parties are served by the sensational, and always entertaining, Laugh Out Loud Photobooth.