Engagement Party


Engagement Parties:
That Blissful Bash to Start the Celebrations

With the excitement of the #shesaidyes moment, most brides-to-be delight in making the most of this period of their lives; who does not love any excuse to celebrate! Katy’s has hosted some of the funkiest and most fabulous engagement parties, and here is our list of why we think this is the perfect party that every bride needs:


1. Less Pressure

Let this be your chance to eat and drink, carefree from the worries of the big day. Your wedding time will no doubt be filled with last-minute madness and is not likely to be a time that you can indulge in that “extra glass of champagne”. Take this opportunity to fill your social feeds with indulgent photos of you and your loved one celebrating with friends and family in a more relaxed and comfortable environment. An engagement bash is typically thrown in the first couple of months post-engagement, while the news is fresh. No doubt afterwards, you will both want to get in shape for that A-line dress and svelte suit.


2. Guest List Considerations

Not everyone may be able to make it to your big day. An engagement party also gives you the chance to whittle down that guest list and give some thought to which family members should be invited. This is the perfect occasion for Uncle Jim, who you haven’t seen since you were 5, to celebrate and meet your new family-to-be.


3. Big Day Stress Relief

Practise makes perfect. No matter how much time you spend planning a wonderful and fuss-free wedding, ultimately most of your day will be spent between greeting guests and trying to make your way to the snacks table. This celebration will give you an idea of what works, and what doesn’t. It will let your mind wander over perfect table décor, and which guests may be best suited to sit at the same table.


4. Families Meeting: The Ice-breaker Opportunity

Both families may not have had a chance to meet each other yet. Your engagement party will save you time at the wedding; being politely introduced to your betrothed’s long-lost family members, and making time to listen to Aunty-in-law Sue’s hobby collection. You will learn which family members will get along like a house on fire, and which should be kept away from the open bar.


Enjoy that sweet spot between post-engagement bliss and the upcoming wedding worries. Pick the perfect date shortly after your engagement, and let Katy’s organise the rest for you! Your happily ever after starts here.