Create an impact with creative lighting


When it comes to indoor events, the possibilities are endless for creative lighting décor.

Whether you’re planning a personal event like a wedding or orchestrating something on a much larger scale like a conference or trade show, no matter the occasion, lighting will always be a crucial element of event décor.

Creative lighting creates depth and ambience, and in conjunction with architectural elements and dynamic fixtures, the right lighting design can give your event the edge it needs to leave your guests in awe.

Here are a few top tips and types of lighting ideas to make sure your event’s lighting creates an impact and provides the wow factor you’re looking for:

Top tips: Design your lighting to suit the occasion:

When it comes to lighting, there are a lot of logistics to consider before executing any lighting design plans.

It’s important to take into consideration the type of event you’re planning and what the objective of the event is. Is it a seminar that may require a more business orientated environment or is it a year-end celebration where the atmosphere calls for casual fun and festivities? Will there be stage performances and a series of speeches that may require certain lighting for easy stage readings and spotlight performances? Will the event be recorded and photographed for publication? – If so, your lighting designer, videographer and the photographic team will have to plan the lighting design together.

Site visits are a must to further explore the size of the venue, determine key lighting areas, confirm where light fittings need to go, and to be up to date on the rules and regulations of the venue regarding the use of fixtures and fittings on the walls and ceilings while taking note of where all power points are.

To sum it up, lighting is not just about lighting spaces and creating visual beauty; you also need to be practical and logical, that’s why research, professional assistance (event planner/lighting designer) and planning are essential.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the most popular lightning designs and options below:


1. String lights

Whether indoor or outdoor, string lights are a simple yet elegant way to provide a warm and intimate setting for your event. It is versatile and is suitable for both corporate and private functions.

A popular favourite here at Katy’s is our vintage string lights; these lights use Edison light bulbs for a retro chick stylish look.



Always a stunning centrepiece, a chandelier represents elegance and class in a way no other light fixture can. Used as both a décor piece and a spectacular source of light; chandeliers create a glamorous and romantic setting making them ideal for weddings, gala dinners and award shows.



Up-lights are free-standing ground-based light fixtures used to make an architectural statement. The lights are placed on or near the floor and illuminate upwards adding washes of light, colour, warmth and depth to a room. This form of lightning can be used in various colour combinations and creates the perfect atmosphere and lighting for photos, videos and an all-around lively event.


4.Wash lights

Wash lighting is just as it sounds – to “wash” light and colour onto a particular area. The effects of this washed coloured subtly illuminating its surrounding space enhances the overall mood and tone of the event. Concerts, musicals, theatrical performances and exhibitions are some of the main events that use this form of lighting.


5.Bliss Lights

Perfect for night events this form of lighting produces the most beautiful night sky, setting the night up for romance and dancing under the starlight.

Bliss lights create thousands of pinpoints of light that look like stars slowly moving towards and away from each other creating a slow-moving starfield effect.

At Katy’s, we’ve had almost every kind of wedding, soiree, gala, expo and party you can think of. If you’re looking for a great event space, contact our team, we have the blank canvas for your event, the knowledge and know-how and contacts of great event planners and lighting designers to help create your dream event.