Capturing moments in time at 6 Desmond Street


A picture lasts a lifetime… it’s true. How many times do you open your photo albums and reminisce over moments captured in time? How many pictures lay framed around your home of some of your most memorable moments?

At 6 Desmond street, we offer a photogenic haven for you to capture your most intimate and precious moments.

Wedding day shoots to remember

It’s finally time to fill up your wedding album! 

We’ve hosted hundreds of weddings at Katy’s Palace Bar and Sir James van der Merwe. Every wedding is a fairytale of new-found love and every photo, a magical moment frozen in time for you to love and cherish.


Katy’s Palace Bar

Newlyweds are welcomed to a backdrop of open space, rustic industrial edges, eclectic furnishings, fine arts and artefacts all waiting to fill out your photo shoot surroundings.


Sir James van der Merwe

Like a lounge of a seasoned traveller, the Sir James bar is an eclectic and inviting space of treasures and trinkets brought in from near and far and from different eras of time.


The love shoot

Engagement shoots or pre-wedding shoots have become quite the norm among couples engaged to be married. It gives couples the chance to feel more comfortable in front of the camera and helps them get to know and work with their photographer before the wedding day.

What’s great about hosting your wedding at Katy’s or Sir James is that we also offer our event space out for photo shoots. Many couples utilise this and pop through for an engagement shoot with their wedding photographer. This way couples can get a feel for the event space, see what angles work best for them and choose their favourite poses and backdrop surroundings for their big day—and the bonus, you can never have too many pictures, so enjoy your engagement shoot and have fun with it.


Styled shoots

Styled shoots are a great way to showcase your talents and products visually. From fashion shows to showcasing table designs, food, and interior décor, the walls of Katy’s Place and Sir James have seen it all.


With its open spaces, panoramic views and an eclectic mix of furnishings and décor, Katy’s and Sir James can be transformed into anything you want it to be creating a perfectly cohesive backdrop to showcase your offerings.


If you’re planning a photo shoot or looking for the ideal wedding venue, visit us at 6 Desmond street, where the views are spectacular both outside and within.