2018’s Weird and Wonderful Wedding Trends – Revealed

2018’s Weird and Wonderful Wedding Trends – Revealed

The 2018 wedding trends list is long and lovely with more than a few wonderful and strange surprises in the mix.

If you’re planning to tie the knot this year you can either go ahead and fully board the trend train OR simply add tasteful on-trend touches to a classic or traditional wedding. The options are (almost) endless!


REMEMBER: Ultra Violet is Pantone’s 2018 Colour of the Year (and Bohemian is the new rustic)

In No Specific Order, Here are 2018’s Wedding Trends

⦁ The Detail’s in the Dessert

Think dessert table not last course; think variety of mini puddings. Drip cakes and doughnuts are also sticking around and don’t dismiss creative options such as ice cream sandwiches and popsicles.

The Detail’s in the Dessert

⦁ Florals for Days

Whether you’re looking at fashion, décor or food – 2018 is a fan of almost all things floral when it comes to weddings. Also, everything’s not necessarily freshly picked or even real.

⦁ Cascading bouquets
⦁ Hanging floral installations
⦁ Towering floral arrangements
⦁ Super-tall centerpieces
⦁ Flower displays on pillars
⦁ Dramatic florals: darker, detailed and textured
⦁ Potted plants as aisle décor
⦁ Living (botanical) bars and ‘woodsy’ things
⦁ Wedding wreaths as part of the Bohemian trend
⦁ 3D florals: gowns and veils with romantic floral adornments

Florals for Days

⦁ The Beauty of Black Accents

Designers have found new ways to bring black into wedding gowns, giving them a glamorous edge. The results are inspiring and can translate to grace bouquets, table runners and even stationery.

The Beauty of Black Accents

⦁ Mind the Metallics

Don’t be afraid to go a little crazy with copper (it’s still popular). Lanterns, tea light holders, cups, cutlery, chairs and even ribbons can all accommodate the trend. Silver and chrome have also made their way onto the scene.

Mind the Metallics

⦁ The ‘Smashing’ See-through Trend

Take note of transparent elements and mediums because see-through settings and décor will be huge. Clear tents, glasshouses, floor to ceiling windows, perspex elements such as place cards, glass details and glass tables. It’s clean, modern and also allows you to play with light.

The ‘Smashing’ See-through Trend

⦁ Dress Drama

You can expect to see dresses decorated with pearls, (extravagant) wedding capes, low cut necklines and stunning over-the-top sleeves.

Dress Drama

⦁ The Wonders of Celebratory Cuisine

Wedding cuisine continues to evolve, surprise and delight. In 2018, food choices will go beyond big sharing plates, food vans and portable pizza ovens. Guests may come across Mexican, Japanese and Peruvian inspired cuisine; from tacos to ceviche! Presentation will matter. Punch is also in the pipeline.

The Wonders of Celebratory Cuisine

⦁ There’s Wonder in Whimsy
You can’t go wrong with a few whimsical embellishments. Mix old with new as you incorporate coloured glass, geometric shapes and various styles of cut glass.

There’s Wonder in Whimsy

⦁ Welcome to Texture Town

Give guests something to interact with; layers to look at, things to feel!

⦁ Wax seals on menus
⦁ Mismatched tables and furniture
⦁ Assorted, textured linens on tables
⦁ Laser-cut overlays to enliven tablecloths
⦁ Dramatic marble dance floors

Texture also applies to signage (displaying directions, favourite lyrics, vows, etc.). Faux marble, slate, acrylic, mirrors and old records can replace wood and chalkboards.

Welcome to Texture Town

⦁ Keep it Simple, Keep it Small

There’s nothing wrong with keeping it small and it’s what many couples are doing. The (numerous) benefits are obvious. You can choose a venue or location that would otherwise not be an option; actually interact with loved ones; spend more on food if it’s important to you; enjoy cosy seating arrangements; save more money for the honeymoon… the list goes on. Wedding parties (bridesmaids and groomsmen) are also getting smaller.

Keep it Simple

⦁ Go All Out

If you want to have a massive celebration, then by all means (if you have the means), do it. Just make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into if you’re going big: welcome parties, big rehearsal dinners, after parties, next-day brunches… these things take time to plan (and funds to execute). Throughout it all, remember to focus on the reason you’re doing all of this.

Big weddings could benefit from having layouts that break the party up into more intimate and cosy sections, complete with interactive food stations and possible entertainment. But, when it’s time to dance, the guests should all be able to fit into one space.

Go All Out

⦁ Adore… the Indoors

Brides are taking it inside with venue options now including industrial lofts, museums and sheltered rooftops possibly set over gardens, beaches or woodlands.

Adore… the Indoors

⦁ Guest Experiences

It’s a thing.

⦁ Singers
⦁ Acrobats
⦁ Strolling magicians
⦁ Guest-curated playlists
⦁ New tunes via dueling DJs
⦁ Live musicians jamming with your DJ
⦁ Culture lessons relevant to the couple and/or location
⦁ GIF-maker booths; booths that generate instant scrapbooks and flip books; the no-booth booth

⦁ Invite Innovation: Consider Ones that… Push the Envelope

Think paper with an edge: calligraphy, paint and foil. Think bigger than paper: printed fabric, (etched) perspex, stone and wood.
Other mentioned trends include:

Bold colours; dramatic backdrops (in various unexpected forms); coloured candles; creative (even edible) place cards; navy in the colour palette (invitations and bridesmaids dresses); a return to formal weddings; destination weddings that embrace local culture; and more emphasis on the after-party.

Invite Innovation

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