Sunday Lunch


The first Sunday of every month we open our doors to the public for a shared Sunday Lunch. On the 1 February Fresh Creative Catering prepared an incredible harvest table laden with roast lamb, crispy potatoes, vegetables and Mediterranean side dishes. There’s something quite special about spending Sunday afternoon sharing a meal with friends, family (and even strangers), while listening to live music, and watching the clouds build up over the Sandton skyline.

Food is the toffee-toasted mortar that binds people together, building stronger friendships that, when stacked sky high, create the most special of gatherings.” – Kinfolk

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The Vinyl Revival


The Vinyl Fair started with a spin this year, with hundreds of records bought, sold and traded. In the words of founder, Wayne Stathakis, “All dealers confirmed they spent their December gathering new stock for the opening event… the lack of tanned faces amongst the dealers will testify to this!”

Chatter from the crowd of collectors last Sunday confirmed that vinyl stock was exceptional, and that they’d be back in March for more.

We interviewed Wayne to discover why vinyls make his heart skip a beat, like they do.

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