Katy’s Palace Bar Lookbook

Katy’s Palace Bar Lookbook

Functions with themes and intriguing dress-up requirements almost always turn out to be more fun than the ‘formal-semi-formal-smart-casual’ affairs we attend year after year. Except weddings, of course, where the theme is Happy Ever After.

That Special Touch

Have a Look

Katy’s Palace Bar is all about enticing the imagination by bringing about fantastical themes bound to excite and delight every guest that enters and attends. We have nine Looks that are all truly trendy, yet somehow effortlessly timeless as well. The creativity and versatility these Looks allow are a big part of the appeal. Once a Look is selected, we will make sure your event turns out exactly the way you’ve pictured it… complete with our Katy’s Palace Bar personal touch, of course.
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A steampunk rendezvous

Katys-Palace-Bar-Wedding-Venue_0234 It was a complete metamorphorsis – from head to toe – the day Ninirichi Style Studio brought their unique touch to our extraordinary palace. A mesmerizing steampunk party was the result. Like a scene out of science fiction, aesthetic details were inspired by industrial steam-powered machinery from the 19th-century, with a nautical twist. [Read more…]

The Katy’s Palace year-end function guide


As the months race by, calendars fill up with year-end functions – so it’s best to get yours in there early… Whether it’s the annual office bash, a function for a sports or social club, or perhaps simply a festive celebration for friends and family, it’s never too soon to get that planning done and dusted. Still wrapping your head around the fact that it’s already 2017, six months in? We’ve put together this list of handy pointers that’ll catch you up to speed on all the important aspects of throwing a party to remember.

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