Secret Masquerade


The Secret Masquerade is a charity gala in support of the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre taking place across South Africa throughout 2016.

The first gala was held at Katy’s last Friday. Our palace was transformed into an African masquerade complete with fire breathers, African dancers, a stilt walker and our incredible musical headliner Tresor!

A huge thank you to our partner Secret Eats  and all who attended – the event raised over R36,000 for the centre.

Here’s a peak into the Secret Eats Murder Mystery dinner and Secret Masquerade!

2016-03-01_0004 2016-03-01_0005 2016-03-01_0013 2016-03-01_0007 2016-03-01_0009 2016-03-01_0008 2016-03-01_0011 2016-03-01_0014 2016-03-01_0012 2016-03-01_0010 2016-03-01_0016 2016-03-01_0017 2016-03-01_0015 2016-03-01_0018 2016-03-01_0019 2016-03-01_0022 2016-03-01_0021 2016-03-01_0024 2016-03-01_0023 2016-03-01_0025 2016-03-01_0020



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